Electrical Vehicle Charging Points

Electric and hybrid vehicles are becoming increasingly popular. GCL Electrical Contractors are leading installers of EV charging points at domestic and commercial premises.

If you are thinking about purchasing an electric vehicle, you will need a charge point at your premises. We can install a wide range of electric car chargers from leading manufacturers.

Our electricians are fully qualified and trained to work with car charging points, and we will help you find the right charging solution for your needs.

Our experienced electricians can guide you from start to finish. In addition, we are approved by OLEV (the Office for Low Emission Vehicles) to install home charge points at domestic, commercial, and industrial premises. This means we can advise you about available grants and assist with the application process.

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Electric vehicle charge point installation in Dartford

Accredited electrician for EV charging points

Customer care

Our electrical contractors provide expert customer service where we can advise you about the range of chargers available.


We are able to provide a complete start-to-finish service, including EV charging point installation, maintenance and repairs.


As OLEV-approved electrical contractors, we can advise on chargers for every location and budget.

EV charging point installation

The demand for electric vehicles has grown rapidly over recent years and continues at a dramatic rate. Electric cars are kinder to the environment and cheaper to run.

As EC technology has evolved, electric vehicles have become more affordable, with a huge range of performance credentials available.

  • Domestic EV charging: We can provide EV charge points for homes, providing a quick and cost-effective way to charge cars. When you rely on public chargers, you depend on space being available and suitable for your car. Our home charger allows you to make the most of lower-cost energy.

  • Commercial EV charging: As increasing numbers of commercial premises install charge points for company cars, visitors, and employees, GCL Electrical Services can install charge points around your needs. Companies can benefit from grants and capital allowances, and we can advise you.

The process

We can install wall-mounted and free-standing EV charging points. Our electricians will be able to advise you regarding the suitable charger for your needs and can provide recommendations. In addition, we can supply and install your new charge point and connect it to the main supply.

Each charge point installation is unique but will generally take around a few hours to one working day to complete. Once it has been installed, our team will provide a full demonstration to show you how the charger works and answer any questions you may have.

Maintenance and repairs

Our team can also provide comprehensive maintenance to keep your charge points compliant and running efficiently. Preventative maintenance will also reduce the likelihood of any unexpected breakdown and associated repair costs.

In the event of charge point failure, our team can also provide reactive repairs to identify any faults in your system and repair them quickly.

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To speak with our team about electric charging point installation, please call 01322 947 200 or 01322 947 201. For 24-hour emergencies, call 01322 686 345.

We can also be reached at info@gclelectrical.co.uk