Consumer Unit Upgrades

Your consumer unit is the heart of your electrical system. Consumer units or fuse boards distribute the electricity coming into your property into various circuits. With built-in safety features, it will protect your property if there is an electrical fault. GCL Electrical Contractors can replace or upgrade your consumer unit so that it meets current regulations.

Modern consumer units contain Residual Current Devices or RCDs that monitor the electrical currents in your home or commercial premises. These devices considerably reduce the risk of electric shocks and electrical fires because if a fault occurs, the RCD device trips and cuts off power.

Our fully qualified and experienced electrical contractors have been working with consumer units for many years and will install a new 17th Edition consumer unit.

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Replacing or upgrading consumer units in Dartford

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All our work adheres to BS7671 Wiring and Part P building regulations.

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Do you need a new consumer unit?

Around 1.2 million people are injured due to electrical accidents in homes every year in the UK. There are many risks associated with the old-style consumer unit. They do not have the capabilities of the most recent systems, so electricity may not shut off so fast, causing injuries and even fatalities.

From 2001 onwards, all British electrical installations were required to feature RCD protection.

If you have an unsafe old-style fuse board, your consumer unit is not coping with demands and keeps tripping, or it is overheating, it is important to call a professional electrician. We can inspect and test your consumer unit to ensure it meets current regulations.

Benefits of a new consumer unit include:

  • Your electrical installation will comply with wiring regulations
  • You can improve your property safety standards
  • You can have peace of mind that your electrics are working as they should
  • A new consumer unit will improve the energy efficiency of your property

The process

Our fully trained and skilled electricians can update your consumer unit in less than one working day. During this time, the power will need to be turned off, but we can install temporary suppliers to ensure appliances like fridges and freezers can keep running. All work will meet the highest standards. We can certify this work, and Building Control will send a Certificate of Compliance.

The cost of replacing a consumer unit will depend on the number of circuits within the property and several other factors. We will be happy to provide a free and no-obligation quote with no hidden costs.

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