Full and partial rewiring services

Do you need comprehensive and professional property rewiring? GCL Electrical Contractors has many years of experience completing all types of rewiring projects in houses, flats, apartments, rental properties, extensions, HMOs, and commercial premises.

There are many reasons why your property might need to be rewired. Naturally, all electrical installations will age over time. If your wiring is more than 20 years old, then the chances are that your wiring will be out of date and not meet current safety standards. In order to alleviate possible risks and hazards – such as fire and electric shocks – from faulty wiring and an outdated system, our electrical contractors can quickly and safely rewire your property. This will ensure that your property meets current Building Regulations.

We can complete partial rewiring, which means replacing or upgrading a small section of your electrical circuit or complete rewiring, which will replace your entire installation. This will include replacing all wiring, sockets, switches, and your consumer unit.

Our electricians can complete the work quickly and with minimal disruption. To find out more, please call us now on 01322 947 200 or 01322 686 345.

Replacing or upgrading consumer units in Dartford

Accredited electrician for rewires

Approved electricians

Our contractors are certified and approved by NAPIT, meaning your property is in safe hands.


Our electricians are courteous, helpful, and trustworthy, and we will treat your property respectfully and minimise disruption wherever possible.


Our electrical company can provide clear and fixed rewiring quotes. We ensure that we keep all our services as competitively priced as possible.

Does your property need rewiring?

If you are updating your home, buying a new property, or there are warning signs that your electrical system is old, your wiring will need to be inspected to ensure it meets current regulations. Electrical faults result in thousands of fires and incidents every year that can be avoided.

As we rely on more electricity for devices, homes draw more power from the mains. Signs that could indicate that your property needs rewiring include flickering or dimming lights, two-prong sockets or an old-fashioned fuse board, regularly blown fuses, discoloured sockets or switches, and a reliance on extension cords.

Rewiring can be disruptive and costly, but we have developed vast experience in rewires, so we will ensure that the process runs as smoothly as possible.

Benefits of rewiring include:

  • Reduce the risk of electrical fires and harm to health
  • The value of your property could be increased
  • You can have valuable peace of mind
  • You can futureproof your electrical system with new power outlets
  • Upgraded fixtures and fittings
  • Installation of Smart technology

The process

Rewiring work is carried out in two stages. The first fix installs all new cabling, wiring, and boxes. Ideally, this work is completed before walls are plastered and when a property is unoccupied. The second stage, or the second fix, joins the electrics by fitting sockets, switches, lighting, and a new consumer unit.

The cost of a rewire depends on several factors, including the size and age of the property and whether it is vacant. We can give you a competitive quote for rewiring at any time.

Please call for a rewiring quote

If you are concerned about your electrical installation or would like to find out more about our rewiring service, please call 01322 947 200 or 01322 947 201.

For 24-hour emergencies, call 01322 686 345. We can also be reached at info@gclelectrical.co.uk